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Think of Assemble as a resource hub for the manufacturing industry. It’s a tool to help you promote your company, expand your client and supplier base and potentially increase sales and profits. There are people out there who need your services - they might be your ideal business partner, but - for one reason or another - they can’t find you. Likewise, you may be searching for a supplier who can meet your precise requirements.

Because Assemble focusses on manufacturing services we make it easier for businesses to match their customer and supply chain needs by creating a dedicated environment in which you can showcase your unique skills and services and quickly get in contact with others who can serve you.

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The internet is a big place! It’s not always easy to find exactly what you want and sometimes there are not enough details to be sure a supplier can meet your requirements. Our website provides the manufacturing supply chain with the opportunity to provide a clear picture of the products or services offered by each member within a clear, easy-to-use framework.

Our aim is to match and connect businesses that can help each other by providing an environment that enables them to search and display the skills that matter.

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Let’s face it, in the UK we have a wealth of manufacturing expertise right on our doorstep. There isn’t much we don’t make and for each business that makes something there is a long chain of companies who supply the components or raw materials, build and service the machines, supply the packaging, move the goods and much, much more. So why not bring all those skills together within a single resource for all your supply chain requirements - let’s help British manufacturing prosper.

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